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Birthdate:Nov 9
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada


female. toronto. college grad trying to land a job that utilizes her expensive piece(s) of paper (landed the job. still working on the second part). coffee addict. concert fanatic. anime & manga junkie. rock/world/alternative/fusion/electronic/music in general lover. enjoys a good vodka (and cranberry). acts her age only when required. random. energetic. knower of an encyclopedia's worth of useless knowledge. hyper. optimistic with a dash of cynicism. wishes to break free and start living life on her own terms. dreamer.


the majority of posts are friends only, mostly out of irrational paranoia of who could be out there finding my LJ. Most public posts tend to be either random cryptic crap, or the meme of the day. However, if you do wish to add me or want to comment on a public entry, go ahead, and I'll likely add you back. I'm always up for meeting new people, but some similar interests would probably be a good idea to get the ball rolling. :)

Exception: If you're immediate family, then please don't bother. Nothing personal, but I'd rather my family not be reading my f-locked entries. Thanks.

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